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​Bamboo Doggie Décor for the Dog-Friendly Home


There are some wild decorating schemes out there, but decorating for man’s (and woman’s) best friend is not that far off of the realm of normalcy. Bamboo is a fun way to add a little artiness to doggie décor, and it can be found in multiple décor items.

1. Dog beds:

You may think that dog beds only come in the form of padded cushions that are thrown in a select location. You may even know of some instances of baskets or boxes that house those cushions. Bamboo brings dog beds to a new level. Bamboo is so versatile that it can make the traditionally thought of dog beds, but it is also used for large dog beds. I’m talking four-poster bed style.

2. Dog toys:

Believe it or not, they also make chewable dog toys out of bamboo. This is an environmentally-friendly option due to the renewable nature of bamboo, but it also will help to clean your canine’s teeth!

3. Dog bowl:

Dog bowls are an interesting phenomenon because it seems that we may care about every detail our home décor…except the dog bowl. Dog bowls are often grimy, and they often reflect utilitarian purposes rather than design sense. This does not have to be! Style-up those dog bowls by choosing bamboo! They add a natural element to a room, and they fit in more with hominess rather than, for instance, stainless steel bowls.

4. Dog brush:

Dog brushes can actually be quite beautiful, and they come in multiple wooden options including bamboo. Again, bamboo is sustainable, so it is a good choice when considering the impact of deforestation on the Earth. Bamboo is also very beautiful, and it comes in multiple, unique grains.

5. Bird houses:

Decorating is not all about the homeowner. Dog lovers also do it a bit for the dog, which is why bird houses are a great addition. There are many different types of bamboo bird houses. Some give the natural, segmented look of bamboo, while others are transformed into more traditional wood appearances.

The biggest thing about bamboo bird houses, or any bird house for that matter, is that they are entertainment for the indoor dog. Dogs who stay indoors are pampered, but they don’t often get the excitement of the outdoors. Putting a birdhouse by a window gives them some of that outdoor feel.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly way to introduce interior design into the home, and it can enter room décor in many subtle areas. Consider bamboo for your dog décor, and add a little style to an area of home décor that is often overlooked. 

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