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From Binding to Weaving: Benefits of Bamboo Furniture


When you think of bamboo, you may think of bamboo fishing poles or the diet of the Giant Panda, but bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable forms of natural building materials on the planet. As such, it is no surprise that it is being used in the creation of furniture. Not only is bamboo strong and beautiful, but growing bamboo is a very sustainable crop that helps the environment when considered as a farming subject.

There are many reasons to choose bamboo when purchasing furniture, but some of them may be less obvious. Five good reasons to buy bamboo are listed below:

5 Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

1. Beauty: Bamboo, like its many other wooden counterparts, has its own unique beauty. Bamboo can represent clean, Zen-like designs, and it can represent Asian heritage. Furthermore, it adds a light and simple warmth to a living area.

2. Nature: Introducing nature in any living environment brings serenity to it. Bamboo plants are often placed in homes because of their air cleaning properties, but bamboo furniture brings the outside elements into the home. It is peaceful because it is natural.

3. Sustainable: Deforestation is a huge global problem, and one of the ways to lessen deforestation is to come up with a suitable alternative. That alternative is bamboo. It grows quickly, does not need to be replanted, and it is very strong. It is the wooden product of the future.

4. Strong: Did we mention it is strong? The strength of bamboo has been one of its primary selling points. It has been used in fishing poles meant to catch very large fish, and it has been used in furniture to seat very large people. It has even been used in the construction industry. The strength of bamboo combined with its beauty is what sets it apart from alternatives.

5. Unique: Lastly, bamboo is unique. When applied in a good design, it can add an element of uniqueness that no other wood can provide. For instance, a gray room with subtle focal points can be made more interesting with the subtle introduction of bamboo. Similarly, a rich room can be toned down with the proper bamboo furniture.

When made correctly bamboo furniture is beautiful, comfortable, and useful. Bamboo products are quickly becoming more popular as climate change becomes more present and people try to find solutions to deforestation and other acts of ruination. Bamboo production is one of the solutions, and buying it supports the globe. 

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