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​Décor Which Inspires


Your décor might be where it is for a variety of reasons. In the case of furniture, we use it to relax, sleep, eat, and it performs all sorts of useful functions. However, some décor does not perform any of these obvious functions. However, it is far from useless. Much of the way we arrange our living spaces is based not around necessity, but around improving our lives in other ways.

Our power to shape the world around us is a huge part of what makes our species unique on the planet. While some animals do engage in some manipulation of the environment, they do this out of instinct, not really understanding why they do what they do. We alone can really understand the affect our actions have, and can choose our actions in order to ensure that we live in a way that seems good to us.

Manipulation is a bad thing, right? Well… what if we are manipulating ourselves? Everyone has their own tendencies and inclinations, and we are likely fairly aware of some of our proclivities. For example, if you have a certain picture, piece of art, or color which never fails to make you smile, take advantage of this! Put it in a place where you will see it frequently, or where you sometimes need motivation. This might be a picture of your family at your desk, to remind you of what is important. This could be a souvenir from a trip or time of your life which holds special meaning. Your décor should be personal, and these meaningful items can have a powerful affect on your mental state.

Similarly, remove things which might bring up bad memories or have unpleasant associations. Life is hard, there is no reason to make it any harder than it needs to be. If you notice you have a tendency to become unhappy or lethargic when exposed to certain stimuli, do what you can to remove these stimuli. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take control of your surroundings and build them into something which has been specifically designed for you, and by you. Whether it is art, literature, or personal items, ensuring that your décor really speaks to you is truly the end goal of all home design. Think about the things you really love, and don’t be ashamed to embrace who you are. 

​When a Parent Moves In…and How Décor Can Help

Not everyone has a mother-in-law suite or a guest house for a parent when they become ill or can no longer live by themselves. Instead, a parent often must move into a bedroom of the house. This can be disruptive, and while their adult children try to practice patience and compassion, it can strain the household. Likewise, the parent [...]

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Bamboo from Above and Below

The beauty of bamboo comes from its warmth and unique features that add serenity to an environment that would otherwise lack feelings of peace and calmness. This is why it should be added to the home, but it can also greatly enhance less home-like places like offices and lobbies. Functionally, bamboo décor options may not be practical in some [...]

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​Lightening the Home for Spring

Spring isn’t quite here, but it is time to start freshening up the home and preparing for spring décor. Yes, this may involve a little spring cleaning, but then comes the fun part…picking out spring décor. Don’t forget these spring touches when you start:1. FlowersApril showers bring May flowers, but that does not mean you cannot put living flowers [...]

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Bamboo: A promising future and a rich, musical past.

Bamboo has been a big topic surrounding the subject of sustainability, as it is strong enough for building, and grows quickly enough for it to be easily sustained. Not only is its growing cycle relatively fast, but bamboo grows back, which eliminates the need to reseed and water young plants. Therefore, bamboo may be a large part of the [...]

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Bamboo Water Features

Bamboo has a long history of water transportation, and now the utility of bamboo can be artfully represented through bamboo fountains.History of bamboo and waterThroughout history, bamboo has been used as a carrying pole or yoke for people to haul large buckets of water from a water source back to villages in order for people to drink and [...]

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Bedding Terminology

Any bedroom décor photo will have one central focal point, and it will be the bedding. Even if it is an advertisement for the bedroom furniture, it is the bedding that will catch the eye.The reason that bedding is such an eye catcher is because it is the finishing touch of comfort in a room that only has [...]

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From Binding to Weaving: Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

When you think of bamboo, you may think of bamboo fishing poles or the diet of the Giant Panda, but bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable forms of natural building materials on the planet. As such, it is no surprise that it is being used in the creation of furniture. Not only is bamboo strong and beautiful, [...]

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5 fun at-home bamboo projects

If you have bamboo on your property, it may be out of control. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to control this hearty plant. Realistically, most people’s bamboo it out of control.So what do you do with a bunch of extra bamboo? If you are trying to trim it every year, you’ve noticed it [...]

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​Foraging for Natural Beauty

There is a reason we value individuality and uniqueness. While many traits are generally good, adopting them mindlessly will only lead to bland works which are completely derivative. When it comes to style, every group concerned will have a different word for it, but there is something magical about blending things which on paper would seem to work poorly [...]

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