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​The Rewards of Paying Attention to Detail


Certain parts of design and decoration can be exciting. Picking out pieces of furniture, other major décor items, choosing colors to paint, and similar things can be easily done with little effort. It just feels exciting to think about your room in a different, cleaner, more vibrant color. But while these are important, these larger steps do not offer near as much return on investment as paying attention to small details.

The major parts of your décor and design choices are difficult and potentially expensive to change or fix. So, while it can be exciting to want to paint a room which feels somewhat drab or lacking, or to purchase a new expensive sofa set, why not start by adjusting little things which are much cheaper and faster to change? And if you have recently made major changes, it will almost certainly take some experimentation to ensure that you get everything right.

When looking to change small things, start to look at things quantitively. While some simply have a gift for picking out things, the rest of us have to make our examinations slightly more methodologically. Look at the colors used, and the way they contrast with one another. Are you using shades which go well with one another? Just because you have several shades of the same color it does not mean that they match. In fact, two colors that aren’t quite the same can be quite unpleasant together. Conversely, using the exact same color for multiple pieces can create a bland backdrop that can drop the mood of the room. Do some research, and even consider hiring a professional if you really struggle. Finding colors which contrast with each other in a way which brings out the strength in each can be a challenge but is well worth it in the end.

With this goal, look at all of the small pieces of décor, and look at how they match the backdrop and each other. Little things like changing a lampshade, picture frame, or the color of a tablecloth can be done quickly and easily, but make the entire ensemble appear much more professional and beautiful. If you have wooden décor, a simple refinish can transform a piece that you love but which doesn’t quite fit the décor, to the perfect completing element of a well-designed room. Wooden décor needs refinishing from time to time anyways, so it will be worth your time. 

Creating Balance in your Designs

It is easy to say that décor should be well balanced. But what does this mean? When it comes to décor, balance does not simply mean that the décor on one side of the room should weigh the same as the décor on the other side. While most people would agree that this of course would be silly, few [...]

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​Small Home? No Problem

If you live in a small home, decorating can be intimidating. You don’t want to clutter areas, and make it more difficult to live in. Additionally, if you are on a budget, you might have fewer options, making it more difficult to pick things that you like which also fit in the space. Here are 5 steps for making [...]

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Smarten Up that Bedroom

You spend a third of your life asleep. And while most of this isn’t conscious, it is still a good reason to make sure that your bedroom is a place you can be proud of. When you are going to bed, a peaceful and comfortable backdrop will help you to be at ease when you are drifting off, contributing [...]

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​Child Friendly Décor

When looking for new décor, you should take the time to ensure that your choices are appropriate for your home environment. A beautiful vase might fit quite well in that alcove, but if you have young children, you might end up with only a mess and some wasted money. But worry not! Even if you have young children (or [...]

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Want to cut down on waste?

Modern consumers are often used to products which are relatively disposable. You can buy nearly everything you need in life for cheap at your local big box store, and then replace it when it inevitably falls to pieces a few months or years down the line.It is fairly easy to understand why some consumers do this. When you buy [...]

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​Avoiding Generic Designs

Your home should be your opportunity to create something beautiful and unique. And nowadays there are more resources than ever for you to get ideas about how to decorate it. But it is also easy to end up with a cliché overdone design. There are a number of different pitfalls you can fall into when decorating which will all [...]

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​Winter is here!

Winter has arrived, and with it, an opportunity for us to celebrate the seasonal changes which affect our lives. Good décor is both attractive and functional, and one of the best things you can do is adjust your décor for seasonal functionality. Seasons are more than just a background for our lives. Seasonal changes can affect our comfort, our [...]

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Choosing Larger Décor Items

When decorating a room, its often easy to find places for all of the small décor items. If you have done the groundwork well, they should nest naturally into the empty spaces, and you can nearly always rearrange to add or subtract small elements. Small décor are often low commitment, low impact items. Together they can create a theme, [...]

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​3 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Home Interior

Changing your décor can seem intimidating. I am sure you have seen many examples of people renovating their houses and spending tens of thousands of dollars on décor, structural changes, and more. But you don’t have to break the bank or spend a lot of time to drastically change the look of your home. Here are three ideas for [...]

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