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Framing Candid Photos


Printing and framing pictures is becoming an outdated practice unless they are taken by professional photographers and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. It has become a status symbol in homes to have staged photos where everyone is smiling, and their hands are perfectly placed in their laps or on each other’s’ shoulders. It’s all fake, and nobody cares. What a sad predicament!

Yet, everyone has beautiful, candid pictures on their smartphones that display the beauty of real life in stunning, high quality digital images. These photos rarely make it to print, and they are more likely to be seen on social media. However, there are advantages to printing candid photos.

3 Advantages to Printing Candid Photos from your Phone

1. People are Interested.

People will look at your professional photography, and they will ooh and aah about the beautiful settings and how the photographer captured everyone’s beauty. But they won’t remember the photos, and the compliments will flow freely, but no true joy will be experienced. Candid photography is completely different. Firstly, it is unexpected. It is a breath of fresh air to see people doing something in a photo instead of just standing there posing.

2. It’s not Fake.

Professional photography definitely has its place, and it has its own quality elements. But it is fake! The clothes are usually purchased specifically for the occasion, makeup is perfect, and hair is styled. Everyone looks good in their professional photos, but again, they aren’t doing anything. Candid photos feature real memories and real emotions. They tell a story. Sometimes, professional photography seems as interesting as the photos that come in the frames when purchased.

3. You Get to Pick a Cute Frame!

Maybe the best part about printing candid photos is picking out the frame because it is fun! No longer do you have to pick black and silver frames that match the design of the room. Candid photos are fun, and so the frames can be fun too! If it is a photo of an amusement park ride, make it colorful! A beach picture can be in a frame adorned with shells. A trip to visit a zoo or wildlife theme park can be framed in bamboo. Professional photography framing is boring, but it is livened up with candid photos.

Give credit to real life, and print your candid photography. We aren’t saying to avoid professional photos, but don’t forget about the photos that were taken making real memories. There is nothing like looking back at things that actually happened. 

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