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Whether you’re working from home or an office, chances are your floors are covered in some kind of carpeting, or other surface that you’d rather not completely destroy with your office chair. In addition to wanting to save that flooring surface from potential damage, you also want to be able to roll your chair easily. That’s where Bonnee Bamboo and the good folks at Anji Mountain come in and bring you these gorgeous bamboo office chair mats. Incredibly strong and durable, and much better looking than a standard plastic chair mat, your bamboo chair mat adds a sense of style and a calming element to any space you incorporate it into.  Available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and materials, you’re going to love the way these great looking bamboo mats bring the warmth of natural elements to your work space.  From the creamy grey or chestnut of the bamboo composite mat, to the rich dark and lustrous light tones of the natural bamboo mats, available in both roll up and trifold options, we know you’ll find one that’s going to work perfectly with your space. Our selection features options with a lip or without one, a choice of thicknesses and a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Designed to withstand your daily use, both the bamboo composite and the natural bamboo chair mats are going to stand up much better than their plastic counterparts. All of our units are designed to either roll or fold up for easy transport. These great looking mats have been engineered to make your life easier and have rounded, or beveled edges, depending on the style, to make getting your chair on and off the mat a breeze. These incredibly durable bamboo chair mats have been created using sustainable and eco-friendly growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes.

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