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Bamboo Sale Items

At Bonnee Bamboo, we know the only thing more fun that shopping and buying fabulous bamboo products, is getting those products on sale! We love bamboo and we love a good bargain. That’s why we are always striving to bring you amazing bamboo items at the very best prices and pass on our savings onto you for special sales when we get them. From our fabulous bamboo mats and rugs, to our stunning bamboo furniture and outdoor accessories, we get special deals from our suppliers all the time and pass them on to you. That’s why you’ll want to check back here on our sale page often to see if that gorgeous wind chime, coffee table, fountain, bath mat or any of our other awesome items have been marked down. Let’s face it, this page is the place where dreams can come true if you’re patient. We know that adding touches of bamboo into your home will create spaces where peace and tranquility can flow into your life. Whether it’s with one of our lovely musical instruments, or wind chimes, or it’s with one of rugs or lovely pieces of furniture, when you incorporate bamboo pieces into your décor, you’re adding in a bit of natural life. With trusted brands like Anji Mountain, Bamboo Accents, Nature’s Way, Woodstock Chimes, Geenington, Sunreed Instruments and more, you can feel good about your Bonnee Bamboo purchases. Our suppliers always endeavor to create products using sustainable, eco-friendly practices and materials, that leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. So make up that list of the beautiful bamboo items you want and for those that may be a bit too pricey for you, just keep checking back here on our sale page. Because they will be here eventually and when they are we can make your bamboo dreams come true.

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