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Why Choose Bamboo

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You may ask yourself why using bamboo products is going to make such a difference in the atmosphere of your home? That’s a fair question and the answers may surprise you. Beyond the fact that using any natural wood product will add warmth and a sense of earthy wholesomeness to your décor, using bamboo specifically, by the very fact of its sustainability and small environmental footprint, adds another level of comfort.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. In fact, it holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant, able to achieve up to three to four feet a day. All of that amazing growth is achieved without requiring any fertilizer or pesticides. Another wonderful aspect of bamboo is that it’s very kind to the soil. Harvesting it never takes out the whole plant, which means that you rarely if ever have to plow under a field of bamboo. Unlike cotton or any type of wood product, the bamboo stalks are cut above ground  in harvesting, and it grows back being ready for harvesting again within five years. On top of these benefits, bamboo is also one of the best carbon dioxide exchangers available, releasing 35% more oxygen and scrubbing five times the amount of greenhouse gasses as a stand of trees of the same size. In addition, bamboo uses one-third the amount of water required by cotton.

Bamboo is an amazingly versatile plant, with the ability to give you the softest sheets, towels and rugs, and still provide you with super strong and resilient mats and furniture. We know it seems unlikely that such a diverse set of products is possible coming from the same plant, but we assure you, it is. The rayon that’s used to make our linens and shag rugs, is produced using the inner soft fibers and leaves of the bamboo plant while the furniture and mats use the hard and yet flexible outer bamboo wood.

At Bonnee Bamboo, we choose to work with environmentally aware suppliers like Anji Mountain, Greenington, BedVoyage and others. These suppliers not only work with sustainable practices in their growing operations and ecofriendly manufacturing processes, but they also endeavor to provide their employees a safe and appropriately profitable working experience.

As you can see, at Bonnee Bamboo, we love bamboo products for all the right reasons. That’s why we know, you will feel good about every aspect of your Bonnee Bamboo purchase. From the great prices, to the knowledge that you are actually doing something good for the environment when you make this choice, to the absolute beauty and comfort you will enjoy in your home, you’ll fall in love with Bonnee Bamboo. 


 Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Questions?  Email us: info@bonneebamboo.com  Or call: 1-855-855-8234

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