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Looking for luxury in all aspects of your life, while still being a responsible citizen of the earth? Then you'll love our tree free toilet tissue. Made from safely sourced, easily renewable sugar cane bagasse and bamboo grass, our tree free toilet tissue is good for the environment and your septic system. Strong and absorbent, tree free toilet tissue will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Make a difference. Choose bamboo!

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Our beautiful bamboo and glass 21 Drops nebulizing diffuser is going to change the way you bring scent and essential oils into your home and your life. No water needed, this unique diffuser will atomize the essential oils you fill it with, into a super fine mist that disperses quickly. Imagine delivering beautiful scents to every room with our 21 Drops nebulizing diffuser, enchanting your friends and family.

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Wind Chimes

Musical instruments played by the wind, these beautiful pieces of art are not your average wind chimes. When you're looking to get more in tune with your environment and you want to start listening to the music all around you, you'll want to experience our luxury, hand-crafted wind chimes. With high end brands like Zaphir to choose from, your soul will be singing with the first breeze.

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Bedding & Bath

With a degree in luxury, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you the softest blankets, sheets, and towels made from the highest-quality bamboo. Our thermal regulating, hypoallergenic fabric will keep you warm on a winter morning, yet cool on a summer night. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, or exotic, create the ultimate retreat with Bonnee Bamboo’s luxury bedding and bath.

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