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​Interactive Décor


Interactive Décor

One great trend in interior design is the incorporation of elements we are meant to interact with in some way. Depending on the setting, these can ease boredom during an office wait, engage children, or allow you to keep your décor fluid depending on the needs of the day. Interactive décor is meant to be touched, moved, and will need to stand up to the wear and tear associated with frequent use. Choosing great interactive décor can allow you to live comfortably and in style simultaneously.

Interactive décor has a bit of a reputation as a desk ornament which is never touched, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Things like kinetic sculptures and miniature rock and sand gardens are often placed in such a way that they are occasionally fiddled with but remain untouched most of the time. There are two easy ways to rectify this. First, you can choose décor which looks great and fits the aesthetic of your area even when it is not being interacted with. This allows it to fade to the background, rather than sticking out as a jarringly different item.

Secondly, you can choose things which fit with your own proclivities. For example, if you enjoy fiddling with something in your hands, choose items which look great, but are also meant to be handled and hefted. This means choosing things which are durable, relatively lightweight, small, and which are not likely to be destructive to things around them. For example, magnets can be fun to play with, but you would not want them near a computer screen. A child’s room can be set up with educational (but fun and interesting) displays appropriate for the child’s age. These can be used to teach coordination, motor strength, and serve as a tool for positive social interaction.

Finally, interactive décor can be meant not to engage directly, but can be a tool allowing you to rapidly change the aesthetic in a room. A great example of this is having multiple centerpieces for a table. Depending on the occasion, you can swap them in and out. Festive, relaxed, or stately, it is easier than you might think to completely change the overall impression one gets from an ensemble of décor by switching out only one or two key pieces. The key here is to identify centerpieces which all fit in with the background décor yet help to present a different message. 

​Making Space for Fresh Ideas

We all have things in our lives which we may not be completely satisfied with, but which we have accepted as necessary. Maybe we have rationalized it’s existence by reasoning that it would be difficult to find something better, or that it works alright as it is. When it comes to your home and your décor, it is time [...]

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​Bedroom Upgrades

The bedroom is where we spend nearly a third of our lives, yet for many people it not something they feel is worth much of their thought. They sleep, wake, and exit quickly. However, taking the time to turn your bedroom into a comfortable and luxurious experience can quickly help you realize what you are missing. Not only is [...]

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The Zen of Bamboo

At times, purchasing home décor items or even other household items such as rugs or utensils becomes so commonplace that it is done in a wasteful way without purpose. We buy vases and pillows will little thought of what it means because we simply want to fill space with things that are moderately pleasing.Occasionally, a décor item steals our heart, [...]

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Blissful Bamboo Bedding

Sheets and blankets are some of the most important items possessed by families. On average, twenty-five years of a person’s life is spent in bed, so it is a wonder more time is not spent considering bedding material. There are people who will swoon over crisp, line-dried sheets. Alternatively and unfortunately, most people have also experienced cheap, suffocating sateen sheets. [...]

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​Décor Which Inspires

Your décor might be where it is for a variety of reasons. In the case of furniture, we use it to relax, sleep, eat, and it performs all sorts of useful functions. However, some décor does not perform any of these obvious functions. However, it is far from useless. Much of the way we arrange our living spaces is [...]

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​When a Parent Moves In…and How Décor Can Help

Not everyone has a mother-in-law suite or a guest house for a parent when they become ill or can no longer live by themselves. Instead, a parent often must move into a bedroom of the house. This can be disruptive, and while their adult children try to practice patience and compassion, it can strain the household. Likewise, the parent [...]

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Bamboo from Above and Below

The beauty of bamboo comes from its warmth and unique features that add serenity to an environment that would otherwise lack feelings of peace and calmness. This is why it should be added to the home, but it can also greatly enhance less home-like places like offices and lobbies. Functionally, bamboo décor options may not be practical in some [...]

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​Lightening the Home for Spring

Spring isn’t quite here, but it is time to start freshening up the home and preparing for spring décor. Yes, this may involve a little spring cleaning, but then comes the fun part…picking out spring décor. Don’t forget these spring touches when you start:1. FlowersApril showers bring May flowers, but that does not mean you cannot put living flowers [...]

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Bamboo: A promising future and a rich, musical past.

Bamboo has been a big topic surrounding the subject of sustainability, as it is strong enough for building, and grows quickly enough for it to be easily sustained. Not only is its growing cycle relatively fast, but bamboo grows back, which eliminates the need to reseed and water young plants. Therefore, bamboo may be a large part of the [...]

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