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Bamboo from Above and Below


The beauty of bamboo comes from its warmth and unique features that add serenity to an environment that would otherwise lack feelings of peace and calmness. This is why it should be added to the home, but it can also greatly enhance less home-like places like offices and lobbies. Functionally, bamboo décor options may not be practical in some workspaces or public places, but it is rare that it cannot be placed below the feet or overhead to get a “Zen effect”. Whatever the location, looking above and below normal decorating targets can present opportunities to insert bamboo that are subtle and effective.

Bamboo from Above

‘Above’ is defined in this case as above the head and above the waste, which means shades and curtains for the most part. Bamboo in these forms can add comfort to otherwise sterile or stark environments without adding clutter or distraction. Bamboo roll up blinds add the whimsical feelings of island life and grass huts as do bamboo umbrellas and sun shades. Bamboo ceilings can add Asian flair to an overall decorative theme of a room, and bamboo decorative shutters bring the outdoors inside. Even bamboo picture frames on wall art can have a pleasing effect, but one must be careful to be very purposeful with bamboo applications, so they don’t appear tacky or cheap.

Bamboo Below

Many types of floor coverings, or rugs, are made from bamboo. In the office, desk chair mats come in varying shades of bamboo. Rich, dark wood tones can add a luxurious feel to a workspace, while whitewashed bamboo composite mats fit a more modern look. Bamboo mats can also be used in kitchens, baths, and saunas to give a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Bamboo is perfect for these areas because it resists bacteria, so the mats will need minimal maintenance to remain clean and bacteria-free.

Lastly, bamboo can be made into area rugs, both in rayon and in its natural form. Rayon made from bamboo has limitless opportunities to be fashioned into traditional-feeling area rugs of any art style. Natural bamboo rugs appear more like the product of origin, and the color options can be arranged to create bamboo rugs that look more like pieces of art than something that should be walked on. Again, these natural rugs have a very strong “Zen effect.”

Bamboo is a popular product both because of its beauty and because it is ecologically friendly, but bamboo does not have to be an obvious part of décor or overpower a preferred theme in a room. By adding it to things above and below, it accomplishes its effect under the radar of people entering a room. They see and feel the beauty, but it is not “too much.”

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