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Bamboo Water Features


Bamboo has a long history of water transportation, and now the utility of bamboo can be artfully represented through bamboo fountains.

History of bamboo and water

Throughout history, bamboo has been used as a carrying pole or yoke for people to haul large buckets of water from a water source back to villages in order for people to drink and wash. In survival circumstances, bamboo can be made into a vessel to carry water and sustain life. Lastly, bamboo has been used as irrigation pipe to provide access to water in villages that would otherwise be without water, a key feature of civilization.

In multiple ways, bamboo has been a sustainer of life for mankind, so it is only fitting that we represent the gift is has given us by including it in décor.

Bamboo fountains can be indoor or outdoor spectacles for the Zen designer, and they are pleasant from a visual and an aural sense.

Outdoor Water Features

Bamboo is an excellent addition to any pond feature in a yard, but it is most often used in fountains. Of course, these fountains may feed ponds or recirculate water to create turbulence and a healthy environment for aquatic life.

One interesting purpose for bamboo water features is to scare away deer that may eat garden plants if not deterred from a certain space. In order to deter these skittish animals, some bamboo water features contain rocking mechanisms, so when the arm of the fountain is full and heavy, it falls upon a rock pool and makes a loud noise while releasing its holdings. The fountain is perpetually moving as the arm fills and releases water, and the noise is a peaceful deterrent to wildlife.

Whether the outdoor bamboo water feature is for visual pleasure or has other purposes, bamboo definitely adds a feeling of serenity in the outdoor environment.

Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features are perfect for sitting areas or areas where one may sit and reflect. They can also be good mood setters in meditation or yoga areas. In the indoors, many bamboo water features contain live bamboo plants rather than only the hard stalks of the plant.

Bamboo has been proven to be an air purifier, so the use of it in the home can also serve dual purposes.

The biggest advantage to bamboo inside or outside of the home or office is that it is a reminder of peacefulness and beauty in nature. These feelings are easily forgotten in today’s hectic world of electronics, so it is nice to center the soul with a little bamboo water feature. 

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