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Bedding Terminology


Any bedroom décor photo will have one central focal point, and it will be the bedding. Even if it is an advertisement for the bedroom furniture, it is the bedding that will catch the eye.

The reason that bedding is such an eye catcher is because it is the finishing touch of comfort in a room that only has comfort to give. Visually and physically, a bedroom is a resting place. Therefore, bedding must be comfortable, quality, and beautiful.

Achieving bedding bliss is difficult when you get to the store and try to pick it out. There are many different names for bedding material, and if you don’t know your options, you’re limiting your possibilities.

7 Bedding Terms to Know

Blanket: In just about every case, anything you put over the sheets that is thicker for the purpose of decoration and warming is a blanket. This is not a limiting definition, however, and throws and picnic blankets also qualify.

Quilt: Typically, this form of bedding is made from stitched together patches on the top that create a decorative design. They can be made from two-single pieces of fabric stitched together. They give a feel of homesteading in the home and are often made outside of the commercial setting.

Bedspread: This is a collective term for the top blanket on a bed, which can be a comforter, coverlet, or quilt. It is generally the decorative element covering the bed, but as a bedspread, it is also the warming element. Bedspreads can be paired with other types of covering for decorative effects, but they typically stand alone.

Comforter: These are the puffy blankets that go on top of the sheets. They are bedspreads, but they are noted for their filling. The filling is substantial and may be cotton, wool, down feathers, or polyester.

Coverlet: A very large, thin comforter that usually reaches the ground is a coverlet. These are the blankets that make a very structured-looking bed. They are typically non-reversible and more purposed for looks than comfort.

Duvet: These have become the essential covering for a down comforter, and they are typically a thin pocket like a pillowcase meant to hold a comforter. Because it is much easier to wash than a full comforter, many people do not use sheets when using a duvet.

Throw: A throw blanket is an added detail to bedding that makes it cozy. It is usually draped at the end of the bed or thrown purposefully but casually across the corner. These may be removed for use in sitting areas, but they are also inviting and add a little human imperfection to a perfectly made bed that makes it less sterile. 

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