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Blissful Bamboo Bedding


Sheets and blankets are some of the most important items possessed by families. On average, twenty-five years of a person’s life is spent in bed, so it is a wonder more time is not spent considering bedding material. There are people who will swoon over crisp, line-dried sheets. Alternatively and unfortunately, most people have also experienced cheap, suffocating sateen sheets. How a sheet fits on a mattress is equally important, and sheets that are ill-fitting can pop off the corner of the mattress and ruin a perfect night’s sleep. The point is that there are a lot of features to sheets and blankets that are worth considering, and bamboo bedding may be the perfect answer.

Bamboo is typically made into rayon fabric, which means it is converted into a fiber through a chemical process. The advantages to buying bamboo are numerous, and the feel of the fabric is one of the greatest reasons to buy it. It is also hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin. Temperature control is also a benefit to bamboo fabric, and it will keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. One of the greatest things about material made from bamboo is that it is more absorbent than cotton, so you will stay dry while you’re bundled up.

Bamboo products are environmentally friendly, as bamboo is very sustainable, and it can be made into nearly any type of material. This means that every member of a family can benefit from it, from infants to adults. There are bamboo crib sheets, bamboo throws, and even bamboo sleep masks. The fabric is so luxurious, it has been made into towels and clothing.

Therefore, the next time you buy any bedding item, bamboo should be a consideration for your purchase. Think about it. Think of how many hours you’ve spent bundled in a blanket in front of the television, or think about the hours a newborn spends on nothing more than a single crib sheet. These items are not frivolous nuances in life, and without them, life would be pretty uncomfortable. Every person should put more thought into the material they spend a good portion of their life on.

Bamboo bedding is right for most people because it breaths and controls temperature. It is also soft and luxurious. People spend more time worrying about whether or not sheets have deep pockets than they do what they are made of, and this is a mistake (although pockets are important too). The material is the whole point of the product, and bamboo sheets create sleeping bliss.

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