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​Making Space for Fresh Ideas


We all have things in our lives which we may not be completely satisfied with, but which we have accepted as necessary. Maybe we have rationalized it’s existence by reasoning that it would be difficult to find something better, or that it works alright as it is. 

When it comes to your home and your décor, it is time to throw that attitude away and get started making things better. Sometimes taking control of the little things in your life can lead to taking control of larger things as well, and this is a perfect example of something you can do quickly and easily to begin reasserting the fact that you don’t have to settle for anything.

If you want to reinvigorate your design and your attitude, start by picking out a few objects here and there which you are not quite satisfied with. Really think about how you feel, and weigh what you wish were different about each item. Whether it is something that no longer makes you feel the way it once did, or a piece which no longer serves a useful function, identifying the things which do not make you happy is the first step.

Then start from scratch. Rather than looking to replace them, throw them out and completely rethink what you want and need. You might be surprised at how able you are to completely let go of the past and embrace wholeheartedly an optimistic vision for the future. Grab a piece of art, or something personal to you and make something new and beautiful. If there is a function that needs to be filled, start there but keep going. Find something which makes you excited and happy when you look at it, and which will fill you with energy and optimism for the future.

Our environment has a powerful hold on our wellbeing. We can take steps to change our environment, to assert our ability to create the world we live in, and the main beneficiary will always be ourselves. Set aside some time and really let yourself explore the possibilities for what can be done. The more time you spend dissatisfied with how things are, the more important it becomes for you to take the time and just make things better. Whether it is interior design or something else in your life, make the changes you need to make. 

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