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Diffusers have long been used to disperse essential oils into our homes giving us the ability to let each room have its own unique scent and mood.  Essential oils have been used for everything from encouraging relaxation to enhancing our health.  The problem up till now has been finding a diffuser that atomizes efficiently and disperses the scent quickly throughout the entire room.  That's why Bonnee Bamboo is bringing you this fabulous 21 Drops nebulizing diffuser.  

Unlike other diffusers, our 21 Drops nebulizing diffuser does not require any water so the essential oils you place inside are not diluted.  That means the first benefit you'll notice is the scents are stronger and you don't need to use as much.  This outstanding nebulizing diffuser atomizes the oils into an extremely fine mist that disperses throughout the room almost immediately, spreading further without settling on surfaces. 

Create enchanting moods and relaxing environments in every room of your home by adding essential oils into your life in a fast and efficient way, using our 21 Drops nebulizing diffuser.  

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