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Feel the luxury on your toes as you enjoy the high quality construction of our gorgeous Confluence Collection rugs by Anji Mountain. A delicious combination of silky soft rayon from bamboo and the strength and beauty of natural jute, no matter which rug you choose, you’ll be making a distinctive style statement. The strength, resiliency and softness of these two types of yarn are an absolute compliment to each other. Used together, they create a rug that will be both incredibly pleasing to your feet, and strong enough to stand up to plenty of foot traffic. The bamboo fibers are known for their strength and softness, and are at their core, much stronger even than hard wood. The jute fibers are famous for being one of the most flexible fibers on Earth. They are long and strong and naturally anti-static as well as insulating. The combination of the bamboo and jute will give you warmth when your floors are cold and will help in keeping down those static shocks when the air is dry. Available in a variety of styles from a tribal geometric like the Ascent or the Tajine, to a Mid-century modern look like the Magnolia, you’re sure to find one that is going to be just right for your space. We also offer several size options, making it easy to incorporate these great looking rugs into a number of different applications. Hand tufting and weaving make these rugs look more like a work of art than something that belongs on the floor, but once you let your feet feel the softness, you’ll know they are right where they belong. Whether you’re looking for neutral options, darker tones, or a more colorful choice, there’s something for everyone in our attractive selection of Confluence Collection rugs by Anji Mountain.

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