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rainbow serpent painted didgeridoo

Are you looking for a way to truly relax in your home in ultimate peace and serenity? While you can create a comfortable space in your bedroom or living room with luxurious bamboo sheets, blankets, and more, taking care of the other senses is crucial to completely relaxing. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is with sound and music, and why settle for playing music from your iPod or computer when you can make even more peaceful music on your own? At BonneeBamboo, we are proud to offer a wonderful selection of Sunreed Instruments, each made from the finest quality bamboo in the world and at outstanding prices.

About Sunreed Instruments

bamboo didgeridoos

Founded first in Massachusetts in 1977, Sunreed Instruments have been handcrafting the highest quality bamboo

flutes, saxophones, clarinets, didgeridoos and more for well over 35 years and counting. Founder and owner, Zacciah Blackburn was born and raised in Texas and was introduced to the bamboo flute during his time at the United States Naval Academy. After moving to the New England region in the mid-1970s, he began studying and mastering the bamboo flute even more, beginning to make his own and other magnificent bamboo wind instruments.

Through his years of study and craftsmanship, Zacciah has created some magnificent bamboo instruments, even created inventions of his own, such as the bamboo saxophone, all of which has made appearances all over the country at various music festivals and more.

Sunreed Products at BonneeBamboo

At BonneeBamboo, we are proud to offer you a handful of the magnificent bamboo wind instruments to add to your home so you too can play this incredible peaceful music and add some one of a kind character and style to any room in your home as a wonderful decoration piece.

The original bamboo didgeridoo is guaranteed to work as an outstanding talking point in your home, and we offer a wide range of excellent varieties, with smaller versions measuring one foot long, to the classic look of a six foot long didgeridoo.

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These magnificent instruments also come available in a wide variety of one of a kind designs and colors. Are you are lover of nature and the outdoors? The Gekko Painted Didgeridoo may be the perfect animal-themed addition to your home. Maybe you want a more edgy look to this one of a kind instrument. The Rainbow Serpent Painted Didgeridoo brings a wonderful touch of color and character to whatever area of your home you choose to put it in.

If you want to take this wind instrument with you on the go or simply don't want to leave it out in the open, we also offer a selection of outstanding carrying cases so you can keep this instrument protected.

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