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Surround yourself with beauty in all things and your life suddenly becomes calmer and clearer. At Bonnee Bamboo we know that it’s important to consider our environment in all things both on a personal level and a global level. That’s why we are bringing you these amazing wind chimes that are not just pleasing to the ear but also to the eye and to the soul. 

Bringing to you outstanding brands like Zaphir, tells you that we understand a wind chime can be more than just a decoration. These exceptional creations are instruments that are literally played by the wind, providing you with the music of the earth in your own home.

In tune with the principals of Feng Shui and the golden ratio, these hand-crafted chimes are each created with intention and mindfulness. 

A variety of choices in both style and tune means you can create your own personal experience of music and art that will speak to your heart and soul. Don’t settle for anything less than a true wind instrument that plays the tune of you. 

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